Tip #4:  Do your best

  • This isn't a competition or battle of egos with students next to you. The 90 minutes are all about your practice and your comfort.

  Tip #5:  Bring a large bottle of water

  • Bring a large bottle of water but take small sips.  Laws of thermodynamics suggest your body will produce work to overcome the change in temperature  form water intake. You might think you are cooling down but you could be overheating. that's why.... we always listen to our instructor!

  Tip #6:  Eat and Hydrate after!

  • It is extremely important to replenish the nutrients and electrolytes lost during class. You should eat foods high in protein and fruits with high water content like watermelon.

  Tip #7:  Don't stop!

  • It can be hard to go back for a second class within 3 days but try! You will receive maximum benefits from the second class and you will find the second class much easier to complete.

Tips For First Time Students


   Tip #1:  Arrive at least 15 minutes early

  • Bikram Yoga is performed in 100+ degree heat. Your experience during the class will be infinitely more enjoyable if you give yourself some time to acclimate to the temperature. It should take about 5 minutes to complete new student paperwork, which gives you 10 minutes to calmly lay at peace in the room while your body acclimates.

  Tip #2:  Listen to your instructor

  • Your instructor has been trained extensively on helping students survive the extreme heated conditions while your body is under stress. Listen attentively and respond calmly which leads into Tip 3.

  Tip #3:  Slow your breathing

  • Bikram yoga tests your mental strength as well as physical. If you don't breath properly your mind will enter flight or fight mode and in 105 degree heat flight almost always wins. Do not enter any deeper into a posture than your breathing will allow. Listen to instructor first, breath second and posture third.